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Wondering what Bar Vero Services is all about?

Allow us to introduce ourselves

We are Meredith and Nicole, local small business owners in Vero Beach, FL! We started Bar Vero Services after working for a combined 20+ years in the hospitality industry in Vero Beach and Orlando, FL. Upon returning to Vero Beach after years of living and working in Orlando, we realized that we have a mutual dream of bringing a comprehensive, efficient, and locally owned bartending service to Vero Beach and its surrounding areas.

Meredith holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business from UCF. She also attended Le Cordon Bleu where she earned her associate degree in Culinary Arts. Meredith has worked with corporations and small businesses alike, most recently helping to open BigShots Golf in Vero Beach as their Marketing & Events Director. Prior to BigShots Golf, Meredith held prestigious positions in not only high-volume beverage service, but also in fine dining food and beverage services.

Nicole is a Registered Nurse, with 15 years of nursing experience as well as simultaneous hospitality experience in high volume bartending, fine dining, and other areas of food and beverage service. Most would not associate hospitality service with nursing care, but they are two sides of the same coin, both offering skills that flow into positive service experiences.

We have been each other's closest friends for over a decade, working together throughout their friendship at various jobs, creating a solid and long-lasting friendship and working partnership.

Bar Vero Services is the first of its kind in Vero Beach, and we look forward to serving you and your guests at your next event!

Please see our home page for more information about the myriad of services we provide.



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